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I need to repair or replace my mailbox and post, do you have any suggestions?

New Mailbox:

The Mail Box Pro
Color: Wild Rice
Script Letteringd
Approx. $70.00

New Post:

AAA Mailbox and Post
New Post $150.00
Installation $ 60.00

Free New Paint:

Free Paint – call 777-5222

Do you  have complaints about the frequency and/or intensity of the blasting that is going near our neighborhood. 

If you are frustrated, you can make complaints to this phone number: Mining Complaint Number: 317-571-2417

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Parking on the Street: Please note that on-street parking is meant to be temporary for visitors, not for daily overflow parking. Parking on the street increases the chance of accidents and increases the danger of children running into the street and not being seen by drivers. This is especially true when parking on a curve or near a corner.
Pets: Barking dogs are a problem in many areas. Please save your neighbor a call to the City, and help keep the peace! Also, please remember to pick up any deposits that your dog may leave on walks and lawns in the neighborhood.
Remodeling & Landscaping: Please remember to submit an Architectural Change Request for any changes. Forms are available on our Web site . www.williamsonrun.org. Forms can be mailed to Benchmark Community Management at 3715 Power Dr., Carmel, IN 46033.
Traffic: Please remind drivers in your household thbbat speeding in the neighborhood is a safety issue.
Post lights: WR convents require every home to have a working post light. For the safety of our neighborhood, please make sure your post light is working properly....thank you!
Yard Signs: Per the Williamson Run Rules and Regulations, no sign shall be displayed in public view on any lot except a real estate sign advertising for property for sale or rent.Policial signs are allowed 30 days before an election and must be removed 5 days after the election.
Garbage cans: Garbage cans should be stored inside or out of view from the street. Thanks!