Sunday, April 22, 2018

Woods Run Summer Swim Team Registration

It is time for Woods Run Summer Swim Team registration!  Registration will take place on Wednesday, May 9th from 5-7 pm at the Williamson Run Clubhouse.  Registration dues are $100 per swimmer.  Information about team shirts will be given at registration.  Also, we will have a representative present from Elsmore Swim Shop who will size your child for a team suit if you desire, but this is not required.  Noah, our head coach, will be there to help answer questions and introduce himself to those who are new.  The registration form is below included in the swim packet for you to print and complete.  

We will also have volunteer sign-up sheets at the registration.  The dates and locations for the meets are all on the calendar, as well as in the 2018 swim packet document.  The descriptions of the volunteer positions are also listed in the packet.  We ask that families with one swimmer sign up for 2 volunteer positions and families with two or more swimmers sign up for 3 volunteer positions.  

We are looking forward to a wonderful swim season.  First practice will be Monday, June 4th!  Your prompt registration is important, and we look forward to answering any of your questions that you may have.  If you cannot attend the registration and would like to participate, you may get your registration to any of the swim moms, ideally, before May 9th.  

**Please include an additional check for $50 as your volunteer-shift deposit agreement. We will hold your check until the end of the season and return it if you meet your volunteer requirements. Any parent who does not sign up or who does not show up for volunteer positions will forfeit his/her $50 deposit. Swim moms will use forfeited funds to hire teens to staff open volunteer positions at meets.

Please let us know what questions you may have!

Amy Ashley
Laura Rowlett

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