Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tyner Woods Meeting!

Call to Action – Step 2: Attendance at the March 6th meeting @ 6pm in the Caucus Room of City Hall.
Williamson Run Neighbors,
The next step in the development of Tyner Woods will happen on Wednesday, March 6th @ 6pm in the Caucus Room (same area as the meeting on Feb 19th – see flyer).  A small working group has met with the developer and there has been discussion and negotiations.  The meeting on March 6th  is a formal negotiation with the developer with the planning commission board.  We need your support and presence to have a similar showing as we had on Feb 19th.  It is extremely important that we continue to have a strong neighborhood attendance.  Please refer to the flyer on the times and the message that we are continuing to pursue.
If you have questions, please contact your board representative or Benchmark.
Thank you,
Williamson Run Board