Thursday, February 14, 2013

WR Press Release on Tyner Woods

Carmel Neighborhood to Fight Developer’s Plans for Tyner Woods

February 14, 2013

(Carmel, Indiana) – The 172 Carmel homeowners in Williamson Run plan to fight a proposed development on the 19 wooded acres of Tyner Woods, located at 96th Street and Randall Drive, when the issue goes before the Carmel Planning Commission on February 19th at 6pm.

“We, in Williamson Run, have reached out to be engaged with the process of the development of the 19 acres of Tyner Woods and have met multiple times with the developer to express feedback on the developer’s proposals.  Unfortunately, the developer has not been willing to provide any assurance that our concerns will be addressed,” said David Frische a neighborhood spokesman.

The neighborhood is asking for assurances that the development will not include a 24/7 gas station or fast food restaurant, as per the precedents that were put in place several years ago on the land directly across from Tyner Woods on the east side of Randall Drive.  The precedents that were put in place several years ago, which were agreed upon by the Planning Commission, stipulated that no gas station, fast food restaurant, or 24-hour business be allowed to operate on that land, because it would greatly decrease the property values of the neighborhood.

The Carmel Planning Commission will address the issue on Tuesday, February 19th at 6pm at 1 Civic Square.  A very large turnout is expected.

For more information contact:

David Frische 317-709-6024, or via email:

Julie Cooley 317-402-1551 or via email: