Friday, February 8, 2013

Tyner Woods -- Carmel Planning Committee

Williamson Run Homeowners,

The WR committee monitoring the development of the property adjacent to the south side of the WR neighborhood has prepared a response  (See Below) to the developers plans and have submitted this response to the Carmel Planning Committee.

The WR committee is inviting ALL homeowners to attend a Question and Answer session regarding the 96th development this coming Tuesday, February 12, 2013, at 6:30 p.m. in the neighborhood clubhouse.   Please plan to attend this important meeting to find out how this new development may impact your neighborhood.


February 7, 2013

Dear Carmel Planning Commission,

This letter represents the 172 households of Williamson Run.  In it, we express our thoughts and recommendations pertaining to the development of the 19 acres of Tyner Woods at the Northwest corner of 96th Street and Randall Drive in Carmel, IN.

This development concerns the West side of Randall Drive which constitutes the southern, direct entrance and border of our neighborhood.  We do not support the development in its current state.

We have been in touch and have met with the representative of Carmel since January 2012, in our attempt to be pro-active and cooperative with this process.  We have initiated meetings with developers of the property and representatives of the Butler group.  At each of those 2 meetings, we have expressed our willingness to cooperate with the developer within the parameters that already exist for the AutoMall and the office/retail development on the East side of Randall Drive (see attached covenants).

These covenants and precedents have been supported, and in one or more occasions, been enforced by the Carmel Planning Commission when variances have been sought by developers.  At this time, we have had no assurances or acknowledgment from the developer that they recognize or are willing to follow the same, reasonable approach to managing the impact their development will have on Williamson Run and Randall Drive, the southern entrances to our neighborhood.

These covenants represent a good middle ground between the goal of preserving residential property values and the need to allow for the growth of commercial business concerns where property is adjacent to established Carmel neighborhoods and homeowners.  We have been informed by the developer that two out-lots and the North portion of the property immediately adjacent to our community are well suited for an additional car dealership, fast food, gas station or auto-body shop and that they would entertain selling those portions of Tyner Woods for those types of uses.  The covenants do not support these types of businesses.

Our hope is that the Carmel Planning Commission will require the developer to abide by the covenants that have been established for the East side of Randall Drive – as they set a precedent for maintaining a cooperative relationship between residential and commercial concerns – and in fact, have been enforced for development of exactly the same type of businesses proposed by the Butler Group.

We’d like support from the planning commission in creating a sufficient “Buffer Zone” between the development and our homes.  Ultimately, we hope to reassure homeowners in Williamson Run that we have the support of the Carmel Planning Commission in requiring reasonable accommodation by the parties representing the commercial business interests to minimize the negative impact their development has where our homes and neighborhood are directly impacted.

We have been through this process before – when the East side of Randall drive was developed. We compromised at that time and came to an agreement with the developer. We hope to come to the same type of conclusion here.

Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to presenting our case in the February Carmel Planning Commission meeting.


The Williamson Run HOA Board

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